Uber Driver Arrested After Returning Rider’s Lost iPhone

Sylvia Hogge, an Uber driver, was arrested in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after returning an iPhone — that was left in her car by a passenger — to a local police station.

The passenger claims that Hogge stole his iPhone, which Hogge denies, reports WTKR.

Hogge’s said the passenger called her on a friend’s phone and told her that he had left the iPhone in her car:

It was him saying I needed to stop everything I was doing and bring him his phone immediately. I told him I could not because I had a passenger in the vehicle and I would get up with him first thing in the morning to return it to him.

Hogge said the passenger got angry, accused her of stealing it, told her that he was tracking his iPhone and would show up to get it back:

I knew that it had something to do with his phone. I was scared not just for myself, but for my passengers because if he was tracking everything, he would see here I would stop for pickups, he would see here I stopped for drop offs.

Uber’s policy says Uber can help connect you directly to your driver, and set up a mutually convenient time to return the lost item.

Hogge had pickups all night, but the father of her children contacted her at 2:30 a.m.:

He told me there was a gentleman on his front step, banging on his door demanding to know where his phone is. I not only feared for his safety, but my children were sleeping there as well.

The passenger reportedly called the police who called Hogge and told her to return the iPhone immediately.

Hogge drove to a police station, dropped off the iPhone, drove home and went to sleep.

When Hogge woke up, she says there was a warrant for her arrest for felony grand larceny:

Before going in to to turn myself in I was definitely very scared. I had no idea what to expect.

I just want everyone to know, that this could happen to anyone at any point in time. I need everyone to know that if you have a left item in your vehicle, a report it to Uber, and return it to the police station immediately.

Hogge set up a YouCaring page to help pay for a defense lawyer. 

(Source: WTRK, YouCaring.com)

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