TV Stations Awkwardly Report On Sen. Ted Cruz Porn Tweet

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liked”  a 1-minute-and-42-second porn clip on Twitter on Sept. 11.

Catherine Frazier, Cruz’s senior communications adviser, assured the public that the “like” was not done by Cruz himself.

Local TV news stations struggled to explain how Cruz’s Twitter account had shared a pornographic video, notes

“Somebody got ahold of the account,” one anchor claimed on KCBS.

“More people get in trouble on Twitter,” a second anchor added.

“He should just block everybody,” a weather woman advised.

“It’s not really Twitter’s fault,” the second anchor imagined. “What are you doing? Just in general, people get crazy on Twitter.”

The Fox News affiliate in Dallas  noted that Cruz was “the top trending thing on Twitter.”

“Probably run by some intern,” the anchor suggested. “Cruz professes of course to be a defender of family values.”

“A hardcore porn video,” San Antonio’s NBC affiliate anchor announced.

“Take a look,” a reporter said. “It appears to show the senator liked a tweet from an account called ‘Sexual Posts.’ It includes a two-minute clip that appears to be pornography.”


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