Trump’s White House Bible Study Leader: Women Can’t Lead Bible Studies

Capitol Ministries’ founder Ralph Drollinger holds weekly Bible study meetings for members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

His wife Danielle, pictured above, works for Capitol Ministries as an administrator.

Drollinger has called Catholicism he “world’s largest false religion,” claimed that homosexuality an “abomination,” and stated that it was “sinful” for females with children to serve in Congress, notes the Friendly Atheist.

The BBC News now reports that Drollinger does not allow women to lead Capitol Ministries Bible study groups:

Capitol Ministries is now in 43 US state capitols, and more than 20 legislatures abroad. Each class is led by a local pastor, but none is led by a woman. Why not?

“There’s no [Biblical] prohibition of female leadership in commerce, there’s no prohibition of female leadership in the state, and there’s no prohibition of female leadership over children,” says Drollinger.

“But there is a prohibition of female leadership in marriage, and female leadership in the church. And those are clear in scripture… it doesn’t mean, in an egalitarian sense, that a woman is of lesser importance. It’s just that they have different roles.”

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, BBC News, Photo Credit: Capitol Ministries)

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