Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Paula White Says Democrats Are ‘Real Evil Enemies Against America’ and ‘God’

President Donald Trump’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White claimed that Democrats are “real evil enemies against America and they are the evil enemies against God.”

White made her absurd claim during an “Evangelicals for Trump” rally in Alpharetta, Georgia, on July 23:

I talked to Dr. Ben Carson a few weeks ago. He said, “Paula, we’re not fighting Democrat against Republican. We’re not fighting Black against white. We have real evil enemies against America.”

He said that they are the evil enemies against God. We are fighting Socialism and Marxism. And you can try to hide it. You can try to paint it pretty, but listen, Communism… government is God.

And this radical left agenda will take God out of everything. Read the Democrat resolution. They’ve already said that they are the party… We already know they took prayer out. They took God out.

White failed to mention that she benefits from socialism per tax-free money that it is donated to her New Destiny Christian Center Church Inc in Apopka, Florida, which is a 501 C(3).

(Sources: Right Wing Watch/Twitter,

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