Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Paula White Praises ‘Phenomenal’ HHS For Detaining Kids, Claims Detention Centers Are ‘Beautiful,’ Says Trump ‘Cares’ About DACA

President Donald Trump’s advisor evangelist Paula White praised the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on July 20 for its “phenomenal” job in detaining over 2,000 immigrant children, many of whom have been forcibly separated from their parents and imprisoned for weeks.

CBS News reported on July 11 that HHS missed a court deadline to reunite all the immigrant children under the age of five with their parents.

There have also been reports of children being drugged at detention centers, not allowed to hug their siblings and being forced to bathe in sinks.

Towards the end of a long rambling interview, White told Los Angeles Christian radio host Frank Sontag on KKLA that the average detention time was “seventy-two hours” and that the wrong narrative about the detained kids has been spread by the media.

She claimed there are only two possible immigration policies: “open borders” or the Trump administration’s  “zero tolerance.”  

In reality, the U.S. immigration policy for decades has been neither “open borders” or “zero tolerance.”

White also claimed “zero tolerance” means “due process,” but ignored the fact that many detainees, including those seeking asylum, have not received due process.

She pushed the notion that most of the immigrant children came to the U.S. with traffickers, but failed to provide any evidence to back up her claim.

White recalled a recent interview that she did with CBN in which she said Jesus and his parents traveled to Egypt for three years and did not break any of Egypt’s immigration laws (2,000 years ago), none of which she could actually name. 

White said she was amazing by people’s lack of knowledge about the children being imprisoned in the detainment centers: 

Do you understand how well these children are being treated in the centers? Not just three square meals, I mean the homes are beautiful! Especially the Christian ones and the faith-based ones!  

Being ministered to, the psychological care, the care that is being given them. What we’re doing is helping them transition!  From start to finish, it was just a wrong narration.

White complained about Christian leaders who have criticized her Jesus-immigration statement, which she recently tried to defend in an op-ed in The Christian Post. 

She went on to say how much Trump cares about DACA (which he discontinued with an executive order) and about children being separated from their parents (per his administration’s policy). 

White said this side of the story was not being told by the media because of “spiritual warfare.”

(Sources: KKLA via Soundcloud, CBS News, Photo Credit: Paula White/Twitter)





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