Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Paula White Falsely Claims Trump ‘Put Prayer Back Into The White House’

President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White falsely claimed that Trump “put prayer back into the White House.”

In reality, prayer has never left the White House, but the megachurch televangelist pushed that falsehood and more lies during an appearance on Fox News:

Isn’t it nice to be able to say Merry Christmas, and to put Jesus Christ back on the White House lawn?… [Trump] is a man of faith, he is a believer, he’s spiritual. Trump just hasn’t put Christ back in Christmas, but he’s also put prayer back into the White House. He’s put justice…and religious freedom back into our courts.

In reality, President Obama never removed Jesus Christ from the White House, and declared “Merry Christmas” every year.

White showed no evidence that Trump “put Christ back in Christmas” or that he put “religious freedom back into our courts.”

In August, White appeared on the the “Jim Bakker Show,” hosted by former felon Jim Bakker, and claimed that opposing Trump was like opposing God’s plan, reported Right Wing Watch:

In other words, he’s not a polished politician. In other words, he’s authentically, whether people like him or not, he’s been raised up by God because God says that He raises up and places all people in places of authority.

It is God that raises up a king, it is God that sets one down and so when you fight against the plan of God, you’re fighting against the hand of God.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, The Independent, SnopesRight Wing Watch)

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