Trump’s Pro-Life Spiritual Advisor Paula White Rants Against Universal Health Care, Free Public Education, Snapchat

President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White went on an angry rant in August against universal health care, free public education, teaching biological sex education and the popular social media app Snapchat, which she claimed was created for sex traffickers, notes Right Wing Watch:

The problem is not the world: We can blame it on the liberal educational system that infiltrated the Ivy Leagues and go down; listen, the bills that we fight are insane. Right now, we’re fighting in California—in third grade, in fifth grade—they put certain things on certain vegetables and teach them how to insert them in certain parts of the anatomy….

SnapChat was created as the largest human trafficking because the greatest people on there were human traffickers because the FBI and intelligence could not do it because it’s live and it’s real time and they can track your kid in less than a second and take them.

During her rant at the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism in San Diego, White falsely claimed that welfare was intentionally created to destroy black families, when it actually pulled millions of Americans out of poverty:

You want free education? Really? You want free healthcare? Really? Lyndon Johnson sent 100,000 social workers out, looked for every black pregnant woman, created a system called welfare and drove the male out of the household and said, ‘We’re going to destroy the black community because we’re going to destroy the family.”

It’s wrong! And until the righteous stand up and stop playing church and be the church, then the enemy keeps taking generations.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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