Trump’s EPA Admits 1,400+ More People Will Die Per Year Because Of Trump’s Coal Plant Deregulation

President Donald Trump bragged to his supporters in Charleston, West Virginia, on Aug. 21 that he was rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations on coal-fired power plants and carbon dioxide emissions.

Trump’s “Affordable Clean Energy” plan will allow states to decide whether to limit carbon dioxide emissions. As they have in the past, Republican-controlled states will likely not limit pollution, placing their own supporters’ lives at risk. 

Ironically, data from Trump’s own Environmental Protection Agency’s shows that Trump’s plan could cause up to 1,400 more premature deaths per year by 2030.

The Washington Post notes that Trump’s deregulation plan will lead to the release of at least 12 times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the next decade.

(Source: Democracy Now, The Washington Post)

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