Trump’s Data Guru Tried To Team Up With Julian Assange To Get Clinton’s Emails: Report

Alexander Nix, who heads Cambridge Analytica, reportedly offered to help WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange find Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s missing 33,000 emails in 2016.

Cambridge Analytica was employed by President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Two sources, familiar with a congressional investigation into communications between Trump associates and Russia, told The Daily Beast that Nix sought to help Assange.

However, Assange turned down Nix’s offer, according to the sources.

“It’s not at all clear that anybody hacked Clinton’s emails (that she used while she was secretary of State) or has them,” one of the sources stated.

Cambridge Analytica did not comment to The Daily Beast, but Assange told the news site: ”We can confirm an approach by Cambridge Analytica and can confirm that it was rejected by WikiLeaks.”

(Source: The Daily Beast, Photo Credit: newsonline/Flickr)

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