Trump’s COVID-19 Medication Was Developed by Using Fetal Stem Cells From Abortion, ‘Pro-Life’ Groups Are Silent

The emergency antibody treatment that President Donald Trump took for his COVID-19 virus was developed by using fetal stem cells from past abortions, according to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

The Trump administration announced in 2019 that “it will no longer allow government scientists working for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct studies that use fetal tissue,” reported Science.

However, the Trump administration and “pro-life” groups were silent when Trump was treated with an emergency cocktail of anti-coronavirus antibodies that relied on abortion for development, notes MIT Technology Review:

According to Regeneron, laboratory tests used to assess the potency of its antibodies employed a standardized supply of cells called HEK 293T, whose origin was kidney tissue from an abortion in the Netherlands in the 1970s.

Since then, the 293T cells have been “immortalized,” meaning they keep dividing in the lab, somewhat like a cancer, and have undergone other genetic changes and additions.

According to Regeneron, it and many other labs employ 293T cells to manufacture virus “pseudoparticles,” which are virus-like structures that contain the “spike” protein of the deadly coronavirus. It needs those to test how well different antibodies will neutralize the virus.

(Sources: Science, MIT Technology Review)

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