Trump’s Christian Spiritual Adviser Paula White Uses Jewish Holy Day Yom Kippur To Beg For Money

President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White, who is not Jewish, is using the Jewish holt day Yom Kippur to beg for money.

The Florida-based evangelical invoked Yom Kippur on Twitter with a link to her website:

White’s website thunders the headline: “Honor God, Give Your Atonement Offering,”: even though the New Testament (Christian Bible) says that Jesus is the atonement for sins.

White tries to get around that argument by claiming that giving her money on Yom Kippur is somehow obeying the “principles Jesus fulfilled!”

As a New Testament believer, you may be asking, “How does this apply to me?” We are not held to the rituals, routines, or even the law of the Old Testament. BUT, we are not released from the principles Jesus fulfilled!

We are honoring the Blood Covenant, reconciliation to God, and wholeness by honoring God on the Day of Atonement! Jesus Christ became our “Atonement, by placing His shed blood on the Mercy Seat. God said in Exodus 25 about the Mercy Seat on top of the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies…

(Sources: Paula White-Cain/Twitter,

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