Trump White House Bible Study Leader Calls For ‘Spiritual Weaponry’ In Election Prayers

Trump White House Bible study leader Ralph Drollinger called for Christians to use their Election Day prayer as “spiritual weaponry”:

Don’t misinterpret the elections: they are first and foremost a spiritual battle requiring mature, spiritual weaponry.

Drollinger backed up his political claim by quoting a Bible verse — Ephesians 6:12 — that never mentions politics in a Bible study that he sends to Trump’s Cabinet.

In another bizarre moment, Drollinger claimed on March 21 the coronavirus is the result of “the consequential wrath of God.”

Right Wing Watch reports Drollinger has previously attacked Christians who do not share his extreme views:

He has called the “social Gospel” that motivates millions of liberal American Christians “a perversion of scripture” and “not Christianity whatsoever!” He has called Catholicism “one of the primary false religions of the world.” He urges public officials not to take part in “syncretistic” events like the National Prayer Breakfast, arguing that by participating in events that combine different forms of belief, attendees invite God’s wrath rather than his blessing.

(Sources: Capitol Ministries, Right Wing Watch)

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