Trump Warns NFL Players: ‘Maybe You Shouldn’t Be In The Country’

President Donald Trump threatened the citizenship of NFL players (mostly black) who have been kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police brutality against black people.

The NFL owners made a new rule that forces players to stand for the National Anthem, or stay in the locker room. The owners admitted the new rule was put into place because of Trump, notes Sports Illustrated.

Trump made his fascist suggestion during an interview ith “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade:

I don’t think people should be staying in locker rooms, but still I think it’s good, you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there.

Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem, and the NFL owners have done the right thing, if that’s what they’ve done.

(Sources: FOX & friends/Twitter, Sports Illustrated)

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