Trump Voters Tell Jimmy Kimmel They Want Clinton Impeached, Which Is Legally Impossible

Several Trump voters told  “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that they wanted Hillary Clinton  impeached, which is legally impossible because she is not president.

Kimmel introduced the segment by noting the blind hatred of Clinton by Trump and his supporters:

Donald Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up for the Murder on the Orient Express right now. His supporters are so passionate about hating Hillary Clinton, it seems sometimes like maybe they forgot that she’s not the president—he is.

The fact-challenged Trump voters could not name any impeachable crimes that Clinton would have had to commit if she were president: 

Yes, definitely. For what she’s done, the way that she’s kind of… more or less, with the Russian deal and all that going on, she definitely should be out.

One woman gave definite “yes” for Clinton’s impeachment, but when asked why, the woman admitted her painful ignorance by saying  she’s “not a political person at all” and “I really have no clue.”

The Kimmel show also asked the woman: “What is a bigger threat: Climate change or Hillary Clinton?” “Guns or Hillary Clinton?” The woman said Clinton.  When asked: “ISIS or Hillary Clinton?” The woman added:  “They’re about even.” 

(Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

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