Trump Voters Still Support Trump 1 Year Later, Want Media To Cover Up Bad Trump News

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace interviewed supporters of President Donald Trump in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Wallace introdyced her segment by saying that Trump voters believe the media “should cover up the instances where Trump looks bad.”

Trump’s approval rating has dropped in Erie, but voter Judy Phelps said: “It hasn’t dropped in my house.”

Dave Lock, who lost his job at General Electric, stated: “We always see the Harrison Fords that play the president who is tough, punches the bad guy in the face. Now we have one of those people and he is going to get things done and I think it is good.”

Lock blamed the media for making Trump look bad:

I think that would go away if we stopped advertising it in the media. We as a country are making him look like an ass, he needs to try to defend himself…

Maybe he is not doing it the appropriate way or with the most appropriate of words, but leave him alone and let him do his job and see what he can do.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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