Trump Voters Shout At Each Other Over Russia And North Korea

CNN host Alisyn Camerot asked a panel of Trump voters how they felt about the president’s meetings with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Trump supporter Arthur Schaper had no problem with Trump blaming the U.S. for being hacked by Russia:

I don’t see him blaming all of us, and you have to recognize that that’s a loaded question right there. He isn’t blaming — he’s blaming our intelligence community… the intelligence community are out of control.

Jeremey Montenez said that Trump cannot stand up to Russia:

What bothers me more is that I think he’s a suck-up to Vladimir Putin because he has something on him. Now. whether it’s something legal, helping him get elected, whatever it is, he has something on this guy so he’s going to do whatever he can to include Russia to make us on the same level.

The panel went off-the-rails when a Trump supporter falsely claimed that Trump had “denuclearized North Korea.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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