Trump Voters Say Charlottesville Is Conspiracy Against Trump

CNN interviewed a panel of Trump voters many of whom thought the Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist rally and violence was a conspiracy set up to derail President Donald trump, who blamed “many sides” for the violence.

The Trump voters based their claims on unsubstantiated videos that they watched on Facebook, which they trusted more than legitimate news organizations.

Trump supporter L.A. Key said: “I think a great portion of it was a conspiracy, I think it was a setup.”

CNN Alisyn Camerota asked Key who set up the conspiracy, but Key could not name names:

I think people who want to derail our president. There were buses coming in with lots of young people, protesters, coming off the same bus — and some were wearing “Black Lives Matter” and some wearing the KKK shirts. They were brought in to cause a controversy.

Another Trump supporter added: “I trust Facebook more than news.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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