Trump Voters Praise Trump For Accomplishments, Can’t Name Any

A group of Trump voters in White Lake, Michigan recently defended President Donald Trump to The Detroit News.

The nearly-all white older voters attacked Republicans, Democrats and the media, but praised Trump for his unidentified accomplishments.

Rosanne Ponkowski of West Bloomfield, president of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, said: “If you look what he’s accomplished in the short time he’s been in office, it’s incredible.”

Ponkowski did not name these “incredible” accomplishments.

“Under the extraordinary and historical attacks and sabotage to take this president down, I think he’s doing great,” Polly Kingsley said. “I can’t imagine anybody else facing this kind of pressure and still accomplishing what he’s accomplishing.”

Kingsley did not name any of Trump’s accomplishments.

Trump supporter John Brewster complained how news outlets try to answer his questions:

I watch a lot of the news outlets and all that, and they actually almost try to answer your questions for you. They try to tell you how you think. I think it is a swamp, or a sewer, as he called it, and that’s on, I hate to say it, that’s on the Republicans and the Democratic side. I know I’m supposed to be 100 [percent] rah-rah-rah Republican, but I feel like he’s not getting help from both sides because he is actually trying to clean it up in there. I feel like he speaks for us.

(Source: The Detroit News)

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