Trump Voters Boo Ohio GOP Lt Governor For Encouraging Masks, U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Hit 200,000

Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (R) was booed by supporters of President Donald Trump for encouraging people to wear masks on Sept. 21 in Dayton, Ohio, while U.S. COVID-19 deaths hit 200,000.

Husted wore red mask with “Trump 2020” printed on the front, and told the crowd: “I’m trying to make masks in America great again!”

Husted pulled out another mask that said “MAGA,” which brought boos and calls for him to “get off the stage!”

Husted then tried to reason with the angry science-denying crowd, reports The Week:

Hang on, I get it. You don’t like it. But when you go in a grocery store where you have to wear one … just listen up! All right, I get it. But if somebody tells you to take it off, you can at least say you’re trying to save the country by wearing one of President Donald Trump’s masks.

(Sources: Twitter, The Week, Deadline)

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