Trump Voters Block Traffic In Lansing, Michigan to Protest Life-Saving Coronavirus Shutdown

Hundreds of people, many of them Trump supporters, blocked traffic in front the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, which placed new restrictions on residents and businesses until May in order to slow down the spread of the deadly coronavirus, notes WOOD (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The Michigan Conservative Coalition organized the bizarre “Operatioon Gridlock” demonstration, which included protesters standing close to one another outside the capitol.

The protesters justified their dangerous behavior with painful non-logic, reports WJBK:

[T]hey were not social distancing because it was their right not to do so but they understand the health crisis. They said they wish Gov. Whitmer had more faith in them not to get infected.

Some Republican lawmakers joined the protesters to oppose Whitmer’s life-saving public health rules, notes WJRT.

(Sources: WOOD via Twitter, WJRT. WJBK, Joshua Potash/Twitter)

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