Trump Voter Says Jesus Could Not Convince Him Trump Colluded With Russia

A group of supporters of President Donald Trump praised him for his unfulfilled promises and for installing super wealthy people in his Cabinet.

During a group interview on CNN, Trump voter Kim Carson credited Trump with the high stock market and low unemployment even though the country is still operating under President Obama’s 2017 budget and economic policies.

Disillusioned Trump supporter Sherri Underwood pointed out this painfully obvious fact to Carson and the others.

Underwood correctly noted that Trump has not passed one piece of major legislation in a year, and added that she now realizes the Republican Party is not on the side of Americans because of the GOP opposition to health care, which goes back to 1948.

Voter Mark Lee claimed Trump is “there for the little guy,” and said Trump had drained the swamp by installing Wall Street millionaires in the Cabinet.

Lee said that if Jesus Christ himself got “down off the cross to tell me Trump is with Russia, I’d have to check with Trump.”

Trump voter Anthony Miles pushed for universal health care, which Trump has always opposed.

(Source: CNN via Daily Motion)

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