Trump: Vote Out Sen. Claire McCaskill If She Won’t Vote For Wealthy Corporation Tax Breaks

President Donald Trump told a crowd in Springfield, Missouri to vote out Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri if she did not support tax breaks for wealthy corporations.

Trump claimed a “monumental thing that happened” President Ronald Reagan authorized lowered the corporate tax rate to 34 percent in 1986.

In 1991, Trump called the same tax cut a “disaster,” reports (video below):

What caused the Savings and Loan crisis other than incompetence and various other things was the 1986 tax law change, it was a disaster.! It took all of the incentives away from the investors. It was a disaster.

Trump demanded McCaskill vote for lower taxes for the very rich as his supporters cheered:

We must, we have no choice, we must lower our taxes. And your senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you. And if she doesn’t do it for you, you have to vote her out of office. She’s got to make that commitment. If she doesn’t do it — we just can’t do this anymore with the obstruction and the obstructionists.

(Sources: CNBC via YouTube,

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