Trump Vetoed Miss Universe Contestants Who Were Dark-Skinned Or Refused His Advances: Report

A new report says that President Donald Trump opposed dark-skinned Miss Universe contestants and contestants who rejected his sexual advances when he owned the beauty pageant.

According to Mother Jones, Miss Universe staffers would set up a special backstage room for Trump a day or two before the final telecast. 

Trump would reportedly watch videos — swimsuit and evening gown — of the finalists picked by the judges in the preliminary competition.

Trump would allegedly remove some finalists and replace them with his choices.

A Miss Universe staffer told Mother Jones: 

If there were too many women of color, he would make changes.

A second Miss Universe staffer added:

He often thought a woman was too ethnic or too dark-skinned. He had a particular type of woman he thought was a winner. Others were too ethnic. He liked a type. There was Olivia Culpo, Dayanara Torres [the 1993 winner], and, no surprise, East European women.

The second Miss Universe staffer also said that Trump would remove a contestant “who had snubbed his advances.”

Trump could sometimes be talked out of his veto if he was told the contestant was a princess or married to a soccer star, noted Mother Jones.

The New Yorker noted in February that Trump rigged the pageants to favor women from countries where he was doing business deals.

(Sources: Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Photo Credit: CBS-TV via YouTube)


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