Trump Turns to Admitted Liar Hope Hicks As Coronavirus Crisis Gets Worse

As the coronavirus crisis gets worse, President Donald Trump has been turning to Hope Hicks, who left the Trump White House two years ago after admitting to House investigators that she had lied for Trump, noted the New York Times in 2018.

POLITICO notes Hicks has urged Trump to act as a frontman for the coronavirus crisis with his daily briefings so that he could “offer calming messages, critical health information and important updates on the progress of the White House’s response efforts.”

However, the daily briefings have become a circus sideshow with Trump making false medical claims in front of his own coronavirus task force.

After leaving her former White House job as former communications director in 2018, Hicks was suddenly hired as chief communications officer at Fox, despite having no experience in the entertainment industry.

Hicks returned to the White House in February 2020 as the “counselor to the president,” reported the New York Times.

(Sources: POLITICO, The New York Times, The New York Times)

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