Trump Tulsa Rallygoer Says Trump Would Have to Commit Adultery to Lose Vote, But She Won’t Count Stormy Daniels

AuraNexus’ Andrew Kimmel asked a Trump rallygoer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 19 what it would take for President Donald Trump to lose her vote.

The woman responded by saying: “Commit adultery on his beautiful, classy wife.”

Trump’s “classy wife,” Melania, used to be a nude model, noted GQ in 2016.

Kimmel reminded the Trump voter that Trump cheated on Melania with adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2006 (and tried to cover it up with hush money).

Rosie insisted that incident of adultery, when Trump was 60 years old, “was years ago before he became president. Nobody is accountable for what he done when he was a lot younger.”

Rosie was also asked if she supported a free press, and replied: “I do, as long as they put the right spin on it. Don’t take bits and pieces of something and make it out to be something negative… because it’s not.”

Rosie also claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the biggest threat to America.

(Sources: GQ, Andrew Kimmel/Twitter)

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