Trump Threatens To Verbally Attack POW Veteran

President Donald Trump, who claims to love the American flag and the National Anthem and patriotism, fired off a threat at POW Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

On. Oct. 15, McCain warned against Trump’s “half-baked nationalism,” which McCain called “unpatriotic” in a speech.

Trump responded during an interview with radio station WMAL in Washington D.C. on oct. 16:

People have to be careful because at some point I fight back. You know, I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back and it won’t be pretty.

Trump has a long history of attacking McCain, even mocking his time as a POW, which Trump’s flag-waving base has applauded.

(Source: WMAL, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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