Trump Tells Parkland Students That Teachers Should Be Armed In Awkward ‘Listening Session’

President Donald Trump told students and their families affected by the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that teachers and coaches should be armed with guns.

Trump was hosting an awkward “listening session” in the White House where he claimed the school’s football coach (Aaron Feis) would be alive if he had a firearm and would have shot the gunman.

Trump failed to mention that the school had an armed guard who did not get to the shooting fast enough despite his best efforts.

Trump went on to parrot the NRA myth about the dangers of “gun-free zones”:

It’s called concealed carry. A teacher would have a concealed gun on them. They would go for special training, and they would be there, and you would no longer have a gun-free zone. A gun-free zone to a maniac, because they’re all cowards, a gun-free zone is “let’s go in and let’s attack because those bullets are not coming back at us.”

Contrary to Trump’s false claim, a gun-free zone means that unauthorized people cannot carry guns into that area. but there may still be authorized armed people in the area, like a police station.

Trump also claimed an armed teacher could end a three-minute mass shooting despite being taken completely by surprise by the gunman, a feat that most police cannot accomplish:

If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly.

(Source: NBC News/Twitter)

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