Trump-Supporting Pastor Outraged About Sex On TV, No Mentions Of Trump’s Alleged Sexual Harassment, Adultery

Pastor Shane Idleman of the Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California recently expressed his outrage of sex and adultery appearing on TV.

In an op-ed for The Christian Post, Idleman attacked the “media” whom he never defined: “Media: Cheat on your spouse; everyone is doing it.”

Idleman has publicly stated that he voted for President Donald Trump, who has boasted of cheating on his first wife, Ivanka Trump, with his second wife Marla Maples (who was his mistress at the time).

Idleman also wrote: “Media: Have sex before marriage; experiment with same-sex partners.”

Trump has made numerous boasts about sex with women whom he was not married to on the “Howard Stern Show” for years.

Trump also bragged to Billy Bush in the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that he has sexually assaulted women, which he later claimed was “locker room talk.”

Idleman went on to complain about an “attitude of compromise in our nation”:

What most in the media promote and what the truth actually is are hardly compatible. No wonder families are disintegrating; it’s evident to me that we’ve embraced an attitude of compromise in our nation, and, more sadly, in our homes.

In 2016 op-ed in The Christian Post, Edelman justified his vote for Trump by saying that he was actually voting for Vice President Mike Pence:

[W]e must remember that we are not voting for a pastor but for a president. Putting Trump in office is also putting Mike Pence in office — a godly VP who will pray and fast. A VP who will be the president if something happens to Mr. Trump. A VP who will offer God’s perspective — a VP who will seek the heart of God.

Think of those who want Hillary in office — everyone from criminals to Planned Parenthood, from ISIS to Hollywood – wouldn’t that make us ponder this carefully? Pulpits will be silenced within a matter of years. I vote for getting Mike Pence into the White House via Trump and pray that God redirects our nation.

Idleman provided no proof that criminals and ISIS terrorists — whom he compared to Americans who work for Planned Parenthood and Hollywood — supported Hillary Clinton for president.

Idleman also posted some fear-mongering “imaginary headlines” of what could happen if Clinton were elected: Mandatory Euthanasia Bill, Congress Lowers Age of Sexual Consent To 12, and Zero Tolerance for Christians.

(Sources: The Christian Post, The Christian Post, Photo Credit: Shane Idleman/Facebook)

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