Trump-Supporting Pastor Claims ‘They’ Are Trying To ‘Silence’ Him

Pastor Shane Idleman of the Westside Christian Fellowship in Leona Valley, California, claimed on April 8 that “they” were trying to “silence” him from preaching the “voice of truth.”

Idleman complained about other people’s free speech, waved a Bible and paraphrased the NRA: “I’ll give you this when you pry it out of my cold dead hands!”

Idleman bragged in The Christian Post about how he was going to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket in October 2016. 

Idleman continued his persecution rant, uninterrupted by anyone:

Why can everybody voice everything else, but the pulpit needs to be silent! It makes no sense! Let me tell you why because they want to silence the voice of truth!

Idleman also complained about Christians who just want to feed the homeless, and not oppose abortion, gay rights and transgender people.

Idleman longed for the days of state-sponsored prayers forced on school children in public schools, and whined about the “culture”:

I’m so sick of this politically correct culture that can’t offend anyone, except believers. Change it to he and she and it, don’t offend anything. Well, have you ever stopped to consider the you might have offended me? Have you offended God?

After comparing himself to God, Idleman insisted that preachers such as himself should be setting the tone of the nation:

The pulpit sets the tone for the nation, not Fox News and CNN… They want to silence the pulpit. “You just do your little church stuff, let us control the world. Let us control the United States.”

Idleman, who bans people from speaking on his Facebook page, is not allowing comments on the church’s YouTube page.

Idleman also mentioned that he recently read “Original Intent,” a book by debunked Christian David Barton.

Idleman pushed the notion of only Christians holding public office by quoting Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Rush, noted Right Wing Watch:

If you wanted to run for office in our nation, you had to profess a faith in Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to even run for office.

(Source: Westside Christian Fellowship/YouTube, Right Wing Watch, The Christian Post)

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