Trump-Supporting Moms Take Their Kids To Arizona Mosque To Mock Muslims, Snatch Items

Two female Trump supporters posted a Facebook video in which they take their children to a mosque in Tempe, Arizona, where they insult Muslims and snatch items (full video).

The women were identified on Facebook as Tahnee Gonzales and Liz Dauenhauer, notes The Arizona Republic. Gonzales’ Facebook page shows her wearing a “Make America Great Again” 

The self-described “patriots” said on the March 4 video that they visited the Islamic Community Center of Tempe to expose “the infiltration of the Arabic Muslim coming in and destroying America.”

Gonzales pulled down the video after being contacted by The Arizona Republic on March 13, but the video was copied and re-posted by Naui Ocelotl.

In the video, the women claim they are going to shed light on a “threat that we’re facing in America.”

On the ride to the mosque, of the women complains that “illegals” and “Muslims” get “everything” such as government assistance, housing and food from “our taxpayer money.”

When they arrive at the mosque, one of the children states: “Everybody say boo to the Muslims.”

The women encouraged their three kids to help them take pamphlets and brochures to stop the spread of “propaganda.”

The women encounter a Muslim at the mosque, and tell him that Muslims eat dogs and rape goats.

Gonzales and Dauenhauer refused comment to The Arizona Republic.

Mosque officials filed a police report and gave security-camera footage of the incident to the police.

Detective Lily Duran, a Tempe police spokeswoman, said: “At this point, it is an active case and our detectives are investigating the incident.”

(Sources: Naui Ocelotl/Facebook, Naui Ocelotl/FacebookThe Arizona Republic)

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