Trump-Supporting High School Board Chairwoman Opposes Anti-Rape Video

The Sarasota County School District has apologized and pulled an anti-rape video from Pine View High School in Florida.

A counselor from the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) showed the Planned Parenthood-produced video to seniors on Nov. 7, notes WFLA.

The video, which including men making out with other men and women kissing other women, was reported to administrators by two offended teachers.

School Board Chair Bridget Ziegler, who is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump (accused of numerous sexual assaults),  tweeted the video and a her outrage:

The Sarasota County School District quickly caved and said the video was not approved, notes WFLA:

Since we learned of the video, the school district has been working with SPARCC and school leadership at Pine View to determine what happened, how an unapproved video was played in class and determine a cause of action.

Preliminary reports indicate the SPARCC counselor acted independently and until our investigation concludes, this counselor is not allowed to present to students in the school district.

(Sources: Planned Parenthood/YouTube,WFLA, Bridget Ziegler/Ywitter, Bridget Ziegler/Twitter)

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