Trump-Supporting Christian Ministry Falsely Claims ‘The Left’ Opposes Mental Health Therapy For Children

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family that has supported President Donald Trump, is falsely claiming that “The Left” opposes mental health therapy for children.

Stephanie Curry, policy manager for the Family Policy Alliance, appears in a video entitled: “The Left Is Now Targeting Therapy for Children.”

Curry never actually identifies “The Left,” which she tries to portray as opposing mental health care for children:

I’m here to today to talk to you about a series of bills that we’re seeing across the country that would seek to ban basic talk therapy for our children.

In reality, the bills seek to protect children from being subjected to so-called “ex-gay conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy,” which has been debunked and discredited by every major medical organization, noted the Human Rights Campaign.

Evangelical leader Russell Moore denounced ex-gay conversion therapy in 2014, reported Religion News Service.

The New York Times reported in January that ex-gay conversion therapy is “a discredited practice that is meant to discourage same-sex attraction” and “has been widely condemned.”

In her video,  Curry tries to rebrand “ex-gay conversion therapy” as “basic talk therapy” for “unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity issues”:

Family Policy Alliance cares about this issue because we care about our children and that they’re able to have access to basic talk therapy if they are struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity issues.

Curry did not mention that the Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family have a long history of opposing LGBT rights, but she did add:

We believe that families and parents know what’s best for their children, and they should have the ability to find licensed therapists who support their moral and religious principles.

Curry went on to lament proposed bills in Massachusetts that would ban ex-gay conversion therapy.

The Family Police Alliance has repeatedly promoted “basic talk therapy” to push “ex-gay conversion therapy” on LGBT young people.

(Sources: Family Policy Alliance, Human Rights Campaign, The New York Times,  Religion News Service)

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