Trump Supporters Diamond & Silk Falsely Claim Hillary Sold Uranium To Russia, Caused Russia To Have Nuclear Weapons

Trump supporters Diamond and Silk appeared on Fox News to attack Hillary Clinton and falsely claim that she sold Russia uranium, which caused Russia to have nuclear weapons.

Diamond and Silk were parroting, in part, the Uranium One conspiracy theory that was pushed by right wing activist Peter Schweizer in his 2015 anti-Clinton book, which was debunked by Snopes.

Secondly, Russia had its first nuclear bomb test in 1949.

However, world history and facts did not stop Diamond from rattling off her false claims as Silk agreed:

I think and we think that Hillary Clinton reminds us of a nasty sore that’s rotten to the core that really won’t go away. And listen, I think it’s time for her to go somewhere and be quiet. If she’s going to be on the national platform, or on her little platform, she needs to talk about her dirty deeds.

How she paid for that fake dossier to try to undermine President Trump during the election. How she sold 20 percent of the uranium to Russia and now Russia have nuclear weapons. And you know that uranium is bomb-making material.

(Sources: Snopes, Fox News/YouTube)

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