Trump Supporters Destroy Mexican Flag, Chant: ‘USA! USA!’

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Otay Mesa, California, where he checked border wall prototypes.

The scene turned angry after an anti-Trump protester dropped a Mexican flag from a car, reports KTLA.

An unidentified man wearing a Trump hat and shirt threatened to burn the flag, while s second Trump supporter shouted, “They burn our flag in our country, burn theirs in ours!”

The first man tried burning the flag, but was stopped by some female Trump supporters, so he tore the flag up instead.

The female Trump supporter told KTLA:

I disagree with this, and I tried to stop them in a very polite way.  Obviously, I’m not going to have an impact on people like that. But I disagree with that. I think it’s wrong. There’s no way they should have been burning it and ripping it like that.

(Sources: KTLA, Jaime Chambers/Twitter)

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