Trump Supporters Defend Brett Kavanaugh By Ranting About Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress

Emma Vigeland of “The Young Turks” Internet show, interviewed  Trump supporters at a rally in Tennessee about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women.

One female Trump supporter said Kavanaugh was innocent claiming that former President Bill Clinton was guilty, per Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress:

We got the blue dress, and then we have Juanita Broderick, and she had proof that it was him, so there’s the proof!

Vigeland reminded the Trump supporter that Lewinski said her affair with Clinton was consensual, and the Trump supporter falsely claimed Lewinski was paid off:

She can say what she wants, if you get paid enough you’ll say anything!”

Another Trump supporter blamed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for attending a party when she was just 15 years old:

He was 17, he was a juvenile, she was 15, she was a juvenile — why are they at a house drinking beer in the first place? I would not allow my daughters to go out in that situation — nor my sons!

(Source: The Young Turks via YouTube)

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