Trump Supporter Threatens To Burn Down Book Store

Two Trump supporters were filmed harassing a book store employee in Berkeley, California.

Video of the incident, which was posted on YouTube by Berkeley’s Revolution Books, starts with a female Trump supporter asking a store employee if she really thinks “I’m racist because I support our president?”

The employee replies: “Yes, basically, yes.”

A male Trump supporter told the employee: “We’re going to burn down your bookstore.”

The employee told the Trump supporters that she had them on video threatening to burn down the store and to “please leave.”

The male Trump supporter, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, replied: “This is America, f*ck you!”

The male Trump supporter also told people outside the store: “Trump is going to get rid of all you pieces of sh*t.”

He also called the book store employee an “anti-white racist piece of sh*t” and said people who shopped at the store were “Antifa pieces of sh*t.”

(Source: Berkeley’s Revolution Books/YouTube)

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