Trump Supporter Taunts Asian Woman: ‘God Bless Trump! We’re Going To Nuke You Guys’

An unidentified male Trump supporter taunted an Asian woman in Los Angeles by telling her that President Donald Trump was going to “nuke” Asia.

F*ck you! Go back to Asia! Go back to Asia! Nuke you! Nuke you! Trump! God bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys! F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you! You’re ugly and you have a flat face and an ugly nose! Flat face and ugly nose! Flat face and ugly nose! Flat face and ugly nose! And guess what? Your guys have small d*cks!

Jeanne Heo filmed the taunting and posted it on Facebook, but the social media giant removed the video.

Heo reposted the video on Twitter with a caption:

This guy approached me on the metro and asked if I was American, if I spoke English. I replied yes and ignored him. When waiting outside he approaches me again and asks where my genetics are from, if I’m from Korea. I ask him why do you wanna know and this happened.

(Sources: Jeanne Heo‏/Twitter, Jeanne Her/Facebook)

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