Trump Supporter Says MAGA Mob Broke Into US Capitol After Learning Pence Wouldn’t Overturn the Election

Several of President Donald Trump’s North Carolina supporters explained to WSPA why their fellow Trump voters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, resulting in four deaths.

Joshua Flores, Michele Morrow, and others went to Washington D.C. to protest the lawful congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Flores explained the twisted logic of his fellow Trump fans:

People got news on their phone that Mike Pence said he is not going to object to these seven states, and he was going to accept the electoral college that promotes [President-elect Joe] Biden. That is when everybody got really upset and that’s when they started storming.

Flores said the mob should have gone through the front door of the U.S. Capitol, which was locked:

I’m all for about going into it [the Capitol], but let’s go through the front door and let’s do it the right way. And let’s not break windows or break into and destroy property.

Morrow tried to smear Black Lives Matter (BLM) in her denial:

When I was up there and I was around the Capitol building and I saw anyone that was even pounding on a window with their fists, I was telling everyone we cannot expect our lawmakers to uphold the law if we’re going to break the law. We are no better than ANTIFA and BLM that are destroying properties in downtown if we are going to come up here into the Capitol building and do destruction and participate in violence.

(Source: WSPA)

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