Trump Supporter Refuses to Wear Mask in DMV, Police Are Called, Her Boyfriend Turns On Her

A non-mask-wearing Trump supporter, who has been identified as Anna Peric, refused to leave a DMV building in Mentor, Ohio, because she wanted to accompany her boyfriend who had business there on Aug. 5.

The DMV building had a sign that read: “Face Coverings Must Be Worn Upon Entering.”

Peric — who has a picture of Trump hugging the American flag on her Facebook page — told a DMV employee that she did not have to follow a mask mandate that covers state facilities, and walked in:

It’s a mandate. It’s not a law. Your job is not to enforce mandates. I’m being given a pretty hard time here about not being able to stand next to my boyfriend without wearing a mask.

After a DMV employee threatened to call the police, Peric’s boyfriend turned on her: “The cops are going to come here. You don’t want that sh*t again.”

Peric wrote on her Facebook page that she finally walked outside where people slammed her for not wearing a mask and placing lives in danger:

The mob-crowd outside then began to yell things at me. One guy inside his truck called me a bitch. Another younger guy said “I dont care about the facemask, why do you have to be an expletive”.

The operator of this BMV came outside and grabbed my phone and wrist. I battled my phone away from him. I will be filing a police report and posting the video later today.

She then described how the police needlessly arrived at the DMV over the situation she chose to create at the expense of tax payers:

The Mentor Police arrived. The police officer spoke to the operator and then to me. I didn’t violate the law. The police officer told the operator that I am permitted to take photos and video. The officer asked me if I wanted to move away from the crowd and wait for Marc by his car. I agreed. I thanked the officer. The officer was professional, knowledgeable and humane towards me. Thank you Mentor Police Department.

(Sources: Anna E. Peric/Facebook, Anna E. Peric/Facebook)

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