Trump Supporter/Pastor Greg Laurie Uses Kate Spade’s Death To Promote His Event

Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, used the headline-grabbing suicide of fashion designer Kate Spade to promote his upcoming “Harvest America” crusade in Dallas, Texas.

Laurie, who supports President Donald Trump, also name-dropped the deaths of other designers and celebrities — in his article for The Christian Post — Alexander McQueen, L’Wren Scott, Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, David Cassidy, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

After naming the celebrities, Laurie told people to reach out for help (but didn’t say where), and plugged his crusade:

If you are feeling despondent enough to take your own life, please reach out for help. And don’t forget to reach up to God. He has the missing piece you are looking for. I’ll be talking more about how you can have a relationship with God this Sunday, June 10, in Dallas and I’d love for you to join me.

(Source: The Christian Post, Photo Credit: Greg Laurie/Twitter)

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