Trump Supporter Kirk Cameron Announces He And Other Trump Voters Are Not Racist

Former sitcom star and Christian activist Kirk Cameron is promoting “Revive Us 2,” a live meeting of conservatives and Republicans that will be broadcast in movie theaters on October 24.

Cameron held the first “Revive Us” broadcast right before the 2016 election to rally Christians to vote for then-candidate Donald Trump.

Apparently, Cameron is feeling some backlash as he recently lamented to The Gospel Herald:

Today, we’re divided over race, politics, religion, over gender, over choice — it seems worse than before the election. How in the world are we going to move forward in a healthy way? It’s time for another meeting…

Cameron, who travels around the country to churches doing his marriage classes, went on to insist that he and millions of other conservative Christian voters are not bigots:

I travel across the country, and you would be shocked at how many millions of people are not racist, are not bigots, are not insensitive to the socioeconomic issues, who are not greedy, who are not divided and contentious over gender.

Instead, they really and truly want to see ways of coming together across all of these things and be a blessing to one another. I’m one of those people, and I know and millions of others like that.

(Source: The Gospel Herald)

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