Trump Supporter & Evangelist Franklin Graham Launches Tour To Take California Back From ‘Godless’

Trump supporter and evangelist Franklin Graham is touring California, urging his supporters to take the state away from the “godless” (video below). 

Graham, who often claims that politics are not the answer, is mixing his right wing politics with Christianity at his religious events, just as he did in 2016.

The New York Times notes that Graham smeared progressives as the “godless” while backstage before his recent speech in Pasadena, California:

Graham stood in a packed locker room at the Rose Bowl, surrounded by fellow evangelists, pastors, and his top Los Angeles donors. It was two weeks before the California primary, and Mr. Graham was urging them to take a stand against their state’s “blue wall.”

The blue wall of California, Mr. Graham told the gathering, represents secular values that have taken root on the country’s west coast.

“Progressive?” he went on, “That’s just another word for godless.” Now is the time for churches to “suck it up” and vote.

“We’re tired of being stepped on,” Felix Martin del Campo, a board member of Samaritan’s Purse, Mr. Graham’s international humanitarian organization, said in an interview as the meeting ended and worship music played. “Only as we change the heart of the people of California can California go red again.”

It’s not clear how Samaritan’s Purse is being “stepped on,” as it does not pay taxes.

During an interview with KGTV in Escondido, California, Graham blamed recent school shootings on Hollywood films and TV shows, which air in other countries that rarely have mass shootings.

(Sources: KGTV/YouTube, The New York Times)

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