Trump Supporter Cries Because People Oppose Trump’s Child Internment Camps

A female supporter of President Donald Trump openly wept because Trump has been criticized for forcibly removing children and babies from their parents and placing them in cages.

The woman shed her precious tears to MSNBC during a Trump rally in Duluth, Minnesota:

Because — I just — he just — he just tries so hard and so many people are so down on him.

Another Trump supporter openly mocked those who care about the jailed kids and infants:

Won’t someone please care for the children? Well, if I get arrested, my kids aren’t going to see me for a while either.

A third Trump supporter compared immigrants to bank robbers, and claimed to be an immigrant:

When a person goes, robs a bank, he’s separated from his family anyways. The same as the people coming into this country. I’m an immigrant myself. I came here in 2000 and when we emigrated, we came here legally.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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