Trump ‘Spiritual Adviser’ Paula White Imitates Queen Bee Dance to Declare End to the Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump’s “spiritual advisor” Paula White awkwardly imitated a queen bee’s dance in order to declare an end to the coronavirus pandemic during her church service in Florida on May 11.

The Friendly Atheist noted White’s position of influence:

This is the woman advising the president. This is what white evangelicals bought themselves when they sold their souls for Trump in 2016. This is what they’re doing with the power they always dreamed about.

(Sources: Paula White via YouTube, Friendly Atheist)

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Comment (44)

  1. From the heavenly heights above, angelic wings swoop down, and with a simple snap, the Bee eater ate the queen bee. And it was good.

  2. Dementia on full display. How incredibly stupid do people have to “bee” to bee-lieve this lunacy???

  3. Maybe she should contact Queen Bey about some dance lessons before she does this again!

  4. Uh…. miraculous that she did this on May 20…since it’s only May 15th…

  5. Writing this woman off as dumb and crazy is a serious mistake. I’m seeing a very smart, class A, hustler who knows her marks and is going to the bank on it. She toxic and evil, but she’s not stupid.

  6. Stir it up Debra…All I could think the whole time while watching this video was, “when is this going to be over?”

  7. Would someone there please correct the date of this heavenly, fluttering-winged performance? She’s likely deemed a prophetess; but physically traveling through time?

  8. The Queen Bee doesn’t dance. The worker bees do, because they get out of the hive.

  9. Who the F is Debra? And why is this just not funny anymore. This is almost as disturbing as the other fool “blowing” the virus away to hell. What year are we in again? Common sense folks.

  10. Unbelievable that someone would make a fool of themselves like this crazy woman.

  11. She’s flat-out wrong. The queen stays in the hive laying eggs. The workers go out, find food, and come back to do the dance telling where it is.

  12. What lunacy is this? Spiritual advisory ass. She’s perfect for Trump. Absolutely perfectly Looney.

  13. This woman is so demented. In my youth, we would have called her a “dipsh#t”.

  14. I really thought this was joke ,the silly cow is so wrong on so many points. As already mentioned the Queen bee does not dance,in fact for most of her life barely moves.
    But it’s a known fact, Americans will believe anything including that Trump is the right person to lead your amazing country

  15. In her Louboutins, yet.
    This, folks, is what a grifter looks like. She’s no Christian, that’s for sure.


  17. Maybe shes more than a spiritual ADVISOR?….She made sure she twirled around so we all got to see her red bottom Louboutins..which are ugly btw…UGH!! What a Loser!!

  18. OMG! How embarrassing. But then she is associated with our most embarrassing president!Karen

  19. You all are seeing an amazing con job on a few levels–Number one–why are we discussing bees –queen or otherwise? She just wanted to run her armpits in the name of social distancing, she knows how to dance after a few drinks of something stronger than honey. If you are sending her money she needs to dance better than that. I know she will never be on American talent shows, not even a Canadian talent show, and Mexicans wouldn’t even let her on stage. Part two of her con: it’s just like part one.

  20. Ok ! She’s just crazy this lady. Needs to be locked up real bad and real soon.

  21. If only these fools would talk to biologists. “Queen” bees don’t rule shit. They’re just a more critical cog in the colonial machine. Worse, when two or more new queens emerge the workers force them into a fight like it’s fucking Thunderdome. “Two queens enter, one queen leaves!”

  22. One of the reasons that we are so F•cked is this is what stands as an advisor to the President . . . WTF is she talking about? Queens don’t leave the hive unless they are establishing a new hive somewhere. God sure didn’t give her any brains or common sense. Someone please release the Murder Hornets.

  23. Thank You Father God for the prayers of your people and let the spirit of the enemy be defeated.

  24. We pay this crackpot almost $200K a yr. out of our tax dollars. She gets the Cadillac benefits all WH appointees get & an office next to Trump.
    Yup. Wrap your brains around that.

  25. This freak is a lunatic. I have raised bees for decades. The Queen leaves the hive only 2-3 days in her life to mate. She never finds food, she does not do the dancing. If she did she would not look like that arm waving bimbo.


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