Trump Spares Ivanka’s Clothing Line From Trade War With China

President Donald Trump spared his daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, and all U.S. clothing companies, from his escalating trade war with China.

The president plans to hit China with electronics, aerospace and machinery goods tariffs up to $50 billion, notes The Washington Post.

Robert E. Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, said the tariff list, which does not include clothing (Ivanka) or toys, was drafted to achieve “the lowest consumer impact.” 

The Chinese Embassy said  on April 3 that it “strongly condemns and firmly opposes” Trump’s tariffs:

As the Chinese saying goes, it is only polite to reciprocate. The Chinese side will resort to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and take corresponding measures of equal scale and strength against U.S. products in accordance with Chinese law.

(Source: The Washington Post, Photo Credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr)

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