Trump Slams Democrats For Not Applauding His State Of The Union Speech

President Donald Trump complained that Democrats did not applaud during his State of the Union speech when he took credit for low unemployment among Latinos and African-Americans in 2017.

Trump failed to mention that the U.S. was under former President Obama’s budget policies through October 2017 and under Obama’s 2017 tax policies for all of 2017.

Instead, Trump claimed the Democrats did not want to see America “do great”:

That’s something very, very special. And when I made that statement the other night, there was zero movement from the Democrats. They sat there stone cold, no smile, no applause.

You would have thought that on that one, they would have sort of, at least clapped a little bit, which tells you, perhaps, they would rather see us not do well than see our country do great, and that’s not good. That’s not good. We have to change that.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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