Trump Slammed For His Hypocrisy Over Ivanka’s Emails

“Morning Joe” hosts mocked President Donald Trump’s hypocrisy regarding his daughter Ivanka Trump who reportedly used her personal email for government business — just as Hillary Clinton did — in 2017 (more video below).

Host Joe Scarborough called out Republicans and pro-Trump media figures for insisting that Ivanka’s apparent wrongdoing was different than Clinton:

No one is expecting her father and his constitutionally challenged followers to start screaming for Ivanka to be locked up, but it is not too much to hold Ivanka Trump to the same standard of skepticism and the same standard of inquiry that we demanded from the press in over a year in the case of Hillary Clinton?

…We have no idea if what Ivanka Trump’s lawyers are saying is true, any more than we had any idea whether what Cheryl Mills was telling us about Hillary Clinton’s emails are true or not. We just don’t.

Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala slammed Ivanka on CNN (video below):

The hypocrisy of Ms. Trump, She’s either criminally stupid or criminally arrogant, maybe both, I don’t know. If anybody was on notice not to use private e-mail, it was someone in the Trump White House, particularly someone named Trump. Good lord. I mean, how stupid can you be, or how arrogant can you be?

(Sources: MSNBC via YouTube, CNN via YouTube)

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