Trump Sends Thousands Of Troops To Border, They Will Shovel Manure From Border Patrol Horses

President Donald Trump is sending thousands of U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border even though the troops are not legally allowed to enforce immigration law because that would be violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

Instead, the troops will be “feeding and shoveling out manure from the stalls of the Border Patrol’s horses” and other menial tasks, notes POLITICO.

Sgt. Jonathan Sanchez said that troops are performing maintenance on the Border Patrol’s vehicles, such as fixing flat tires.

Capt. Macario Mora, of the Arizona National Guard, said the U.S. troops will not be armed and will not be patrolling the border.

Trump Administration officials told The New York Times that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis knows the military cannot interfere in border issues, and was against the border mission, but was overruled by the fact-challenged president.

POLITICO reports:

[T]roops are not permitted to take part in patrols or to participate in any operations to detain the men, women and children being trafficked by criminal organizations across the border or trying to slip undetected.

Trump falsely claimed on Oct. 29 that the military will be waiting for the unarmed men, women and children fleeing violence in Central America:

(Source: POLITICO, Donald J. Trump/Twitter, The New York Times, Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Sarah Wolff/

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