Trump Says Worsening COVID-19 Outbreak is ‘Fake News Media Conspiracy’ While Hospitals Report a Flood of COVID-19 Patients

President Donald Trump tweeted on Oct. 26 that the worsening coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is a “Fake News Media Conspiracy,” and he falsely claimed, again, that new cases happen only because of more testing.

CNBC reports just how widespread the coronavirus has become:

Trump’s tweet came as the U.S. is reporting a record-breaking number of new coronavirus cases. On Sunday, the country reported a weekly average of about 68,767 new cases every day, the highest seven-day average recorded yet, according to a CNBC analysis of Hopkins data. The U.S. reported 60,789 new Covid cases Sunday after daily cases reached 83,757 on Friday, passing the last record of roughly 77,300 cases seen on July 16, according to Hopkins data.

The Washington Post reports that hospitals nationwide are flooded with COVID-19 cases:

More than 42,000 people were hospitalized nationally with the virus [on Oct. 26], a figure that is steadily climbing toward the midsummer peak caused by massive outbreaks in the Sun Belt. In the places hit the hardest, this is nudging hospitals toward the nightmare scenario of rationing care.

The country is not there yet, but the recent rise in confirmed coronavirus infections — which set a single-day record [on Oct. 24] of more than 83,000 — is an ominous leading indicator of an imminent surge of patients into hospitals. The pattern of this pandemic has been clear: Infections go up, hospitalization rates follow in a few weeks, and then deaths spike.

(Sources: CNBC, Donald J. Trump/Twitter, The Washington Post,, POLITIFACT, Reuters/YouTube)

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