Trump Says Rudy Giuliani Botched Stormy Daniels Story: ‘He Started A Day Ago… He’ll Get His Facts Straight’

President Donald Trump admitted that his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani botched the Stormy Daniels story, which was that Trump paid back his lawyer Michael Cohen for paying off Daniels’ silence because of the 2016 election (more video below).

If that is true, it would be a violation of campaign funding laws because the payoff was done with the intention of helping the Trump campaign.

Trump told reporters outside the White House: “Rudy is a great guy but he started a day ago… he’ll get his facts straight.”

Trump also whined about the lack of legal action against Hillary Clinton over her emails, a matter that was settled in 2016 by the FBI.

CNN noted that Trump said a second time that Giuliani screwed up the Daniels’ story (video below).

Legal analyst Caroline Polisi told CNN host John Berman how this latest screw up was “unbelievable’:

He’s trying to have it both ways, saying “Our story hasn’t changed,” when, in fact, Rudy may have not been fully informed. I thought it was interesting that he repeated this familiar refrain that he’s not a target of the entire Mueller investigation. Remember, he might not be a target because Robert Mueller is operation under the assumption… that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

(Source: Washington Times/Twitter, CNN via YouTube)

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